Dia de los Muertos Craft Day

by Karen Schultz Anderson

Each year Dia de los Muertos Craft Day takes on a more spiritual meaning to me.  It is a great alternative to the “how-scared-can-you get” feeling that dominates Halloween.  I especially like the fact that this Latino holiday honors those that that have passed away in a colorful and joyous manner.  This year the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation honored Bob Sheets, a archaeologist who often worked for the organization, a man full of life and wry humor who passed away long before his time, with a meaningful altar adorned with fragrant marigolds.

At this free event,  SBTHP offered crafts at seven different stations that allowed visitors to make tin art, tissue paper marigolds, papel picado, block prints, paper skeletons and masks, and decorate sugar skulls.   Mexican hot chocolate and pan de muerto from Los Tarascos Bakery and Deli brought smiles to people of all ages.  SBTHP’s Dia de los Muertos Craft Day proved to be an event that both delighted those present and honored  those that have passed. To see more photos taken by Don Chalfant from the event please visit our Flickr page.

Karen Schultz Anderson is the Director of Education for the SBTHP and together with Meredith Brockriede organizes events such as this. 

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