A visit from some wonderful new friends, including de la Guerra descendant Wendy Lehman

Beatrix Medinger, Wendy Lehman, Susan Noble and Mike Imwalle at Casa de la Guerra. Photo by Anne Petersen.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a tour of Casa de la Guerra for a wonderful group of women who were visiting the historic property for the first time.  SBTHP Life Honorary Director and former mayor Sheila Lodge helped us get in touch with de la Guerra descendant Wendy Lehman and her friend Beatrix Medinger, both from New York, and Susan Noble, who was visiting Santa Barbara from Idaho to spend time with her mother, Jeanne Thayer.

Wendy, a talented artist, was enjoying her first visit to Santa Barbara and was pleased to see the home of her ancestor, José de la Guerra.  Wendy is descended from José’s daughter Teresa de la Guerra and her husband, rancher, trader, and schoolmaster William Hartnell.

We are always excited to meet descendants of the de la Guerras and proud to be able to welcome them inside the restored adobe home of their ancestors.

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